Studio Vocalist Available

I’ve worked with lots of vocalists in the studio and since we started the label in 2014, Kim Pollini has done a great job providing vocal harmonies on many of our tracks. Kim is a choir teacher out in Hutto in the public school system and she loves to teach children about music and singing. I enjoy working with her as she knows the music theory for how to build out the harmonies for maximum sweetness.

With in-house productions, quite often we start out with just the lead vocal track and no backgrounds on it. We will usually start with building out the hook/chorus and make that stronger. After that we will do the harmonies on any lines that we want to accent during the verses. If this is an outside production, we always follow what the client or producer wants based on their instructions.

During the session while recording, we edit the vocals for any timing, pitch and tuning issues and make sure that it’s lining up and in tune with everything else. My goal is always to get it right when laying it down as much as possible, which saves time from having to do a lot of editing.

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